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In an industry that is behind the technological curve, we saw a wealth of opportunity to transform the user experience.


“Designing in the enterprise can feel like fighting a hydra. Outdated processes. Unavoidable politics. A culture that feels almost immune to design. Designers need to overcome all of the above before they even start to tackle the difficult task of creating clear products capable of complex tasks.” – Jerry Cao

"We need to become a UX-focused company, can IIIMPACT help?"

Enterprise software has always been behind-the-curve when it comes to implementing the best user experience processes and pushing the visual aesthetic boundaries. The daunting challenge of redesigning software on an entirely new platform with thousands of users of whom have used it for 10+ years and are resistant to change, makes design innovation extremely difficult for Enterprise software companies.

When our agency was approached with the challenge of redesigning Quorum’s 30+ legacy Windows applications into market-leading, innovative, responsive web-based software, we knew that we had to change the mindset of Quorum’s organization from a feature-centric to a user-centric one.

Below are a few screenshots of what the legacy windows’ applications looked like.


Our Core Disciplines

Our lean and mean “UX Swat” team faced the challenges by integrating our UX process to work efficiently with their teams, which led to our process being easily repeated by their product teams so that it would have the maximum impact in the shortest time.


This is our Bread and Butter.


We remove the Fugly.


Our Team brings good things to life.

myQuorum UX Platform

Impressed by the overall visual and UX improvements to their application, the designs you see today are the results of this hard work and collaboration between our agency, executive, product and development teams at Quorum. myQuorum combines dynamic workflows, business intelligence, reporting, and data into a single user experience that automates business processes and gives employees the information they need, when they need it, personalized for how they work.

Continuous Improvement

Design is an iterative process and our focus is to help facilitate and understand how to continuously improve on the applications. We are constantly performing Usability testing, reviewing analytics, Heuristic UX Audits, adding micro-interactions and animations with a purpose to provide more depth with the design.

Mobile UX Design

Never having the ability to access their apps on a mobile device, we helped the team at Quorum to translate our designs to be optimized for Mobile use-cases. We also helped redesign leading tablet applications that are used out in the fields.

Web and Mobile Development

Our expertise in HTML/CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, Kendo, LESS/SASS, Bootstrap allowed us to lead the development efforts and convert our UX designers vision into an impressive and workable web solutions.

UX Ecosystem

The UX reach went far beyond just redesigns, but we also helped integrate additional software tools, training, and customer support so that Quorum’s internal dev teams were able to quickly learn and implement our UX patterns. Clients were able to reduce training times by the reduced learning curve of our designs.

We are continuously improving all of Quorum products as well as launching a complete redesign of a native Android & iOS mobile tablet application utilizing the same lean UX approaches.



Additional videos on the product are below:

myQuorum Dashboard Overview
myQuorum Tour Video
Olivier Thierry, CMO @ 2017 NAPE Summit
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